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Primarily, but not exclusively, organized by director

John Carpenter

Sébastien Clerget: Do Not Enter (on Assault on Precinct 13, The Vulgar Cinema)

Caroline Champetier

Emmanuel Burdeau: A Talk with Caroline Champetier (MUBI Notebook)

Brian De Palma

Alain Bergala: Time Denied: An Apotheosis of the Imaginary (LOLA Journal)

Jean Eustache

Philippe Haudiquet: Interview with Jean Eustache (MUBI Notebook)

Mireille Latil-Le-Dantec

The Devil, Probably (MUBI Notebook)

Luc Moullet

Eric Rohmer’s Place de l’Etoile (Senses of Cinema)
Ah, Yes! Griffith Was A Marxist! (LOLA Journal)
Robert Bresson: Think You Fool (Cinemascope 44 & Robert Bresson, Revised)
The Bravura Sequence (MUBI Notebook)
The Cosmic Film (on Godard's Puissance de la Parole, Kino Slang)
The Mask and the Role of God (on Eric Rohmer, MUBI Notebook)
Rockefeller's Melancholy (on Michelangelo Antonioni, MUBI Notebook)
Webs of Destiny and Bits of String: Edgar G. Ulmer (LOLA Journal)
Towards a Pure Fiction: Cecil B. DeMille (MUBI Notebook)
Minnelli x 2: Designing Woman/The Cobweb (Howling Wretches)
Minnelli & Sirk: Some Came Running/The Tarnished Angels (Howling Wretches)

John McTiernan

Martin Barnier: Predator or A-violence (The Vulgar Cinema)

Jean Renoir

On Bazin (Howling Wretches)
The Grandeur of Primitives (Howling Wretches)

Jacques Rivette

Marc Chevrie: The Outline and The Adventure: Love on the Ground (Howling Wretches)
Emmanuel Siety: Jacques Rivette/John Carpenter: Insularities Compared (LOLA Journal)
Claire Vassé: Secret Défense: Small Trafficking in Death (Howling Wretches)

Eric Rohmer

Alain Bergala/Alain Philippon: Eric Rohmer: Grace and Rigor (on Full Moon in Paris, Howling Wretches)
Luc Moullet: Eric Rohmer’s Place de l’Etoile (Senses of Cinema)
Luc Moullet: The Mask and the Role of God (MUBI Notebook)
Eric Rohmer: Wide and Tall (on aspect ratios, Howling Wretches)

Antonio Reis

Serge Daney/Jean-Pierre Oudart: Trás-os-Montes: An Interview with Antonio Reis (Kino Slang)


Danièle Huillet: An Artist's Testimony (Howling Wretches)

Alain Bergala: The Smallest Planet in the World (Kino Slang)
Alain Bergala/Alain Philippon/Serge Toubiana: Something That Burns Within the Shot (Interview, Kino Slang)
Jean-Claude Biette: Othon & Jean-Marie Straub (Revista Lumiere)
Jean-Claude Biette: Cinema Nearer to the Earth (Kino Slang)
Jacques Rancière: Politics and Aesthetics in the Straubs' Films (MUBI Notebook)
Louis Seguin: The Beginning of History: "Class Relations" (MUBI Notebook)

William A. Wellman

Michael Henry Wilson: West of Eden: William Wellman's Bitter America (William Wellman: A Dossier)